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Mad Men (feat. Ash Wednesday)

from The Friendalorians by MC Lars & Schäffer the Darklord




Mad men, are we really bad men?

Lars: Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to tell you a very sad story about capitalism in America in the 1960s

The name’s Don Draper this is my story
The pain and the dreams and the ads and the glory
The captain of my ship, Sterling Cooper Draper Price
The hours are insane but the benefits are nice
It’s NYC in '63
Willy Loman – hey that’s me
I live two lives as you can see
Even lied to my family
Drinking whiskey till I pass out on my black couch
My secretary wakes me up and I’m out
I slept with one and I’ll sleep with another
Korean War vet with a prostitute mother
There's Joan and Peter, Peggy, Roger
Everyone is a problem solver
Good men? Bad men? You decide
We’re lost in America trying to get by

CHORUS: (x2)

Mad Men, are we really bad men?
I don’t really know
But I think it’s kind of sad when
People say we're

Mad Men, are we really bad men?
I don’t really know
But I think it’s kind of sad when
People call us

[Schäffer the Darklord]
I'm Roger Sterling, man about town
Booze, sex, lies, two ex-wives down
I never was faithful, I never was home
Maybe that's now why I'm all alone (come on!)

Look at me now, I'm not doing so well
Things fall apart, and the partners can tell
Despised by my daughter, denied to be a father
To Red's lovechild, I only want her when I've lost her

Lucky Strike's leaving, our best client
Begged to stay, they were non-compliant
I was quiet, I couldn't hide it
The others called me out, and I straight up denied it

Heart attack in my office
My lifestyle hits me in the face
The firm gets sold kind of like my soul
So old, I'm gonna die in this place

We sell desire, we sell amenities
We drive consumption, we brand identities
Good men, bad men, you decide
We're lost in America, trying to get by


Everything changes, life gets harder
Peggy is promoted, Joan makes partner
Peter's in LA, Lane Pryce is buried
Megan sings "Zou Bisou," now we're married

In a dark penthouse I drink back doubts
Roger drops acid, Sally acts out
I scare away Hershey, colleagues peeved
A unanimous vote, and I'm placed on leave

Static from a black and white TV screams
Dick and Adam Whitman haunt my dreams
I've played and I've lost, now all that I've got
An empty pack of smokes, a broken bottle of scotch

Never seen a want I couldn't sell as a need
I'm falling from a skyscraper, picking up speed
Good men, bad men, you decide
We're lost in a America, trying to get by



Good men, bad men, you decide
We’re lost in America, trying to get by


This week on Mad Men, Roger Sterling does a bunch of horrible things
Everyone is surprised, but not that surprised
As social issues play out in the background


from The Friendalorians, released February 28, 2020


all rights reserved



MC Lars Oakland, California

Post-punk laptop rap.


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