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Puking on Thanksgiving

from The Frosty the Flow Man EP by MC Lars



"Puking on Thanksgiving"
lyrics by MC Lars / beat by K-Murdock

You know, there's something really special about Thanksgiving. Coming back from tour and confronting the emotional crises in the house you grew up in, dealing with depression and alienation of an unconventional and financially unstable career. Ah yes, home for the holidays.

I know I'm alone, I'm okay with that
'cause I've been on my own since way, way back
put my feelings on the map, well where I'm at
Is lost in this desert, as a matter of fact
On airports, trains, no sleep exhausted
I got too wasted, I guess I lost it
Came home for Thanksgiving, throwing up on the floor
Till my sister came knocking on the bathroom door
(Are you okay?) Yeah I am,
stressed out about the distro deal I'm chasing in Japan
And the emails from the fans, piled up like "Damn"
Where's my purple hoodie? Probably left it in the van
Horris Records is a label that is very DIY
Maybe too DIY for just one guy, that's why
That's why I pile work on my desk hella high
'cause life is meaningless and we're going too die


Puking on Thanksgiving

Warped Tour, England, time away
Ending my relationships in every day
But I can't kill myself, because I don't play
With suicide bro, no not today
But I get so down when I read the news
On earthquakes, floods and droughts, typhoons
And what will Sydney in 2052?
When the city's underwater, got the global warming blues
So I back and laugh with a turkey plate
Excused myself but it was just too late
"Uh where'd Lars go?" "I think he's taking a bath"
"In the middle of dinner?" "Dad don't ask"
Crawled into bed then I fell asleep
Woke up at 4, guess I really shouldn't drink
Time with the family? Not this year
LOL depression, pain, guilt and fear


Puking on Thanksgiving.

Don't tell PETA
Don't tell PETA I ate the turkey

I'm sorry I puked all over the floor mom and dad! Touring is hard. I have to get up at 3, soundcheck at 5, sign autographs and sell t-shirts and rap. My life is so hard, oh God. Next year I won't make a mess. Peace.


from The Frosty the Flow Man EP, released December 20, 2011


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MC Lars Oakland, California

Post-punk laptop rap.


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