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Step in to the garden, we're gonna lock the gate
We gotta keep out the sinners, gotta keep out the hate
Look at the horizon, the time is coming near
Look out at the world on fire, look at the people frozen in fear

Revelation 21:7
The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending
O holy blessing, let us prep for Armageddon
I am the Father, shepherding my children into heaven

YES! I started with a vision, and then came the rest
I’m like a more charismatic David Koresh
There are others here like you, lost but they got found
Locked down upon a Montana compound

Let the heretics march in the streets
We’ll be sovereign, self-governed, armed to the teeth
When the judgment comes down and takes the heathens
We’ll be standing righteous at the Gates of Eden

And then before the choir, harken the creed
I said that every forest fire starts with a Seed
Amen now take the blade and carve your sin in your skin
And wash away, let your let atonement begin

It’s like pride, wrath, envy, lust
Sloth, greed, gluttony, trust
That when they learn that it’s too late, they’ll come for us, breaking
But God will not let them take me

We won't listen to their crying
They had their chance to see the light
All of this I saw in ashes and frozen
For all of this, I didn’t ask, I was chosen
We won't be handing out no pardons
'Cause the world is gonna end tonight

Something is coming, you can feel it, can’t you?
That’s the reckoning the angels have been screaming at you
The signs you haven’t seen have shown us that it’s started
Your kind has brought depravity, the locusts in our garden

Hardened skeptics will say I’m insane and call us a cult
Their own homes in disarray, they’ll scoff and insult
But we will exult for these are tests we must face
I’ve lost brothers and sons, more than once I’ve lost Faith

But God spoke to me, a nobody from nowhere with nothing
He taketh a child, warned us the sinners are hunting
That they will come for our weapons, that they will come with a rope
That they will come for our freedom, but they will never take Hope

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
A cleansing by fire, entire world torn asunder
Under sirens and wolves and baptists called in for curfew
We’ll be reborn into a new dawn of virtue

It’s like chastity, charity, diligence, patience
Temperance, humility, kindness, statements
Will be reiterated as the ground begins shaking
That God will not let them take me

We won't listen to their screaming
They had their chance to do what's right
The falling crimson sky will crash in the ocean
For all of this, I didn’t ask, I was chosen
They'll be begging for forgiveness
'Cause the world is gonna end tonight

Testify, my child

How sweet the sound of my father’s voice
Made the move up north to Montana by choice
An English professor with tenure denied
Because I taught Huck Finn against a stark racial divide

When a student complained I was fired for a quote
Taken out of context, faculty took a vote
And I was out on the street with a worthless degree
That’s when I read about this place of unity and peace

Where I could finally see bliss existing past the veil
I left a world of phonies, Holden Caulfield had set sail
How could I be a teacher when the past had been rewritten?
That’s when I saw the statue in the moonlight, I was smitten

Because what if he’s right? Doesn’t that make you think?
Everyone’s a little crazy, and the world’s on the brink
Of destruction and flames, but Gatsby’s glad that I’m here
Eden’s Gate open up, healing me and fears - no more

War, famine, pestilence, death
The martyrs will trumpet the cataclysmic events
And when it’s just us left, you’ll know that I wasn’t faking
‘Cause God will not even take me

We won't listen to your begging
You had your chance to stand and fight
Where once were seven seals, the last of them’s broken
For all of this, I didn’t ask, I was frozen
And now you'll end your days in darkness
'Cause the world is gonna end tonight


from The Friendalorians, released February 28, 2020


all rights reserved



MC Lars Oakland, California

Post-punk laptop rap.


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