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LARS: Hey Mega Ran! I've been making beats!
MEGA RAN: Wait, for real?
LARS: Here, let me play you one. This is one of my favorites
MEGA RAN: Cool, let it run
LARS: Maybe we can put it on the record


Uh. That's cool right?
Books are tight! Books are tight, I read a lot
Books are tight (that's tight, right?) I read a lot

Yo, I'm MC Lars and I read lots of books
(Mega Ran: Wait...)
I rap about 'em too, and I leave rappers shook
I read a Poe poem and I did a Poe thing
And then I also did some ska music where I had the guy sing
From the Aquabats! Now what you think of that?
Now typically about video games, Mega Ran raps
But now we rap about books, yeah!
Because reading is forgotten in this culture of screens
(Mega Ran: Wait, Lars)
And humanity aren't value in the schools, in the schools

MEGA RAN: Stop... stop!! So let's, let's send that to the maybe pile.

Wait, don't we have a ska track on here?


from The Dewey Decibel System, released June 7, 2019
Produced by Theosyn (soundcloud.com/theosyn)
1991 Casio Rapman by MC Lars (mclars.com)
Vocal production by Theosyn (soundcloud.com/theosyn)
Mixed and mastered by Matt Weiss (weiss-sound.com)
Additional mastering by Rich Matthew (rimatchmusic.com)


all rights reserved



MC Lars Oakland, California

Post-punk laptop rap.


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