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MC Lars is Coming to Town

from The Frosty the Flow Man EP by MC Lars



"MC Lars Is Coming to Town"
lyrics by MC Lars / beat by K-Murdock

Wow! Look who's playing tonight! It's my favorite rapper ever, plus it's all ages show. Let's go Felix! It will be the most joyful evening ever. But of course, let's make sure we do our homework first, time management is awesome. Holler.

DIY, yeah I still be that guy
California love lookin' fly 'til I die
Sci-fi with that Ray Bradbury on my lap
Got those lit-hop rhymes that I rap, then I nap
Childlike wonder, forever stayin' young
Reading Robert Crumb, always having fun
San Fran is the place where I left my heart
You might find me at the MoMa with a passion for art
And that punk rock energy, hippie kindness
Read some Walt Whitman it reminds us
To lay back on that transcendental
Buddhist clarity, relax your mental
I'm in the Prius crusin', you see these custom plates
Servivin' all the fiends over there by the Gold Gate
Chill with me, when you hear that fresh sound
Because MC Lars is coming to your town


You better get hyphy
Hands in the sky
Daily and nightly
Wave 'em up high
MC Lars is coming to town
MC Lars is coming to town

He's writing dope rhymes
And reppin' the Yay;
Making hot beats
With something to say
MC Lars is coming to town
MC Lars is coming to town

What makes you happy? What brings you peace?
Sufjan Stevens newest CD?
Hip-hop, Rick Ross or philosophy?
Kanye West? Nas? Jay-Z?
They're all great people, all great artists,
But success comes to those who work the hardest
So update your Twitter, update your status
Spread it world wide and perfect your practice
You can be a star in the shining night
I learned how to be a rapper through rhyming tight
My ego? Had to put it way
Because we don't exist, and it's all okay
And nothing is real, we're floating space
Impermanent life with the dreams we chase
The rhymes that I drop, well they're so profound
Because MC Lars is coming to town


You feel him when he's flowing
You know he keeps it real
He's done this ish for ten whole years
Without a record deal

You read it when he's tweeting
He never takes a break
You see him selling merch at shows
With high fives and handshakes

Leprechauns for Christmas look what I got
Small Irish men in my holiday sock
They danced around it was so absurd
Bouncing off the walls like some Angry Birds
I said, "Y'all need to stop, you're making a mess"
I was in my boxers, I was barely dressed
And I must confess it was hella bizarre
The way I fit the whole entire posse all in my car
Drove into to town, this was my goal
To send the whole crew back to the North pole
Or Dublin, whatever, it was quite ridiculous
My plan was really solid and I knew I had to stick with it
Got to the post office it was closed
The UPS store, it was closed
They're driving me insane, it was getting really old
My 27 friends, well they really had to go
"We're not leaving," they said defiantly
What could I do? I had to silence the
Irish folk songs that they sang for hours
Drove back home, locked them in the shower
They started to yell, they started to scream
But then I woke up, it was all a bad dream
Or was it? I checked my stocking
Turned around, heard someone talking
A jolly fat man in a big red suit
And y'all know who I was talking to
My boy Felix, he's always wearing red
He said merry Christmas I brought you some bread
I said "Bread like skrill?" he said, "no rhye"
This verse is mad confusing, so please don't even try
To analyze my Jungian significance
The meaning is dissembled by some mad poetic dissonance


Oh man, Felix, that was such a great show. I can't believe we got to meet him. He looked so sad though, all that pain behind his eyes. I hope he doesn't commit suicide before next Christmas. I heard he's been puking on Thanksgiving.


from The Frosty the Flow Man EP, track released December 20, 2011


all rights reserved



MC Lars Oakland, California

Post-punk laptop rap.


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